Moroccan Oil

Hi bellissima's today I will be using Moroccan Oil beach wave mouse and dry shampoo to style and cleanse my hair. The mouse creates beautiful waves without leaving your feeling hard or sticky. The dry shampoo is great for refreshing your hair leaving it soft and silky. The ultra-fine rice starches absorb oil, build up and odor in an instant. The mouse creates a beach wave effect for natural textured waves. I start by raking the mouse through wet hair from mid-length to the ends. I like to scrunch my hair with my fingers to help define the texture. A golf ball size is all the product you will need. Lastly diffuse or air dry your hair for beach wave effect. I like to use the dry shampoo when I notice my hair is getting oily or greasy looking. The dry shampoo acts as a cleanser and revives your hair without having to wash it completely. Shake the product and spray 6-9 inches away from dry roots, then massage into your scalp as you would with regular shampoo. then brush out. I love these products because they are fast acting and save me time. I love Moroccan Oil products because they always maintain my hydration. These two products are the perfect combination.